Leaving a Legacy

The 1886 Society

For many people, the business of making a Will is a private matter, and we respect and guarantee anonymity. However there is always sadness when a legacy is received, that there has not been the opportunity to say thank you during the legator’s lifetime. 

The 1886 Society was established as a means to involve and thank those who have the intention to make a bequest in their Will to support Kingham Hill School. This isn't a binding agreement but is a means to explore how to support the School through legacy giving.

The society takes its name from the year the school was founded – 1886 – by Charles Edward Baring Young.  Without his enduring legacy, the school would not exist today.

Members are invited to school at least once every year for the 1886 Society lunch, as well as other key events in the school calendar. Our next event is on 17 September 2023.  Please join us by clicking here to RSVP.

"I came to Kingham Hill School at the age of 8 and it changed my life. I never knew who paid my way but I am forever grateful. I have left a gift in my will to offer the same support for others and to help sustain the School's future."   - Andrew, a Hillian from the 1960s

Leaving a gift in your will is a wonderful way to provide for future generations and to ensure that your lifetime's legacy and connection to Kingham Hill School is passed on in a tangible way.

Become a Member

Don't worry if you haven't worked out the details of your estate - it's a complicated matter! Please do feel welcome to join in the 1886 Society by letting us know of your intention and completing this form online to notify our Development office.

The key information you will need to include in your will is our full name, address and registered charity number, which are as follows:

Kingham Hill School
Chipping Norton
Tel: 01608 731880
Registered charity number 1076618