Scenes Today

Often our alumni wonder what the School looks like today. 

We've built a new Sports Centre, Science and Maths building and a Library.  Other than that, the campus will look very familiar to you.

Some clips of pupils today and the activities that they enjoy are shared with you below (to enlarge the clip while viewing, click on the box in the lower right hand corner).

Come back and see us!

Sports Day 2022

Conserve Group Project

Jekyll Hyde School Production

Hockey Awards 2022

Visit Manga Artist Sonia Leong

Sandhurst Visit 2022

Crafts Club

Rugby - Pupil Interviews

Drama at KHS

Art at Kingham Hill School

KHS Football - Pupil Interviews

Design & Technology

Sustainability at KHS

House Sport Matches 2022


Stained Glass Project

Quiz at KHS

Harry Potter Day

Flight Simulator at KHS


Founders Diary