At Kingham Hill School, we believe that co-curricular activities are an essential part of our pupils’ development. That is why we are proud to offer over sixty regular sports, clubs and activities that educate, enrich and engage pupils throughout the school. These activities are embedded into the school day: most of them are scheduled as an integral part of the daily timetable, towards the end of each afternoon.

Each pupil participates in at least two sporting sessions and two chosen activities every week. In addition, there are a number of activities that take place during lunchtime or after school, in order to allow students of all ages to develop their common interests together.

Kingham Hill School also offers three ‘Activity Saturdays’ per term, which allow the opportunity for pupils to take part in half-day or whole-day activities and even courses spread out over several weeks. These Saturday activities are included in our provision for full boarders; weekly boarders and day pupils can also participate for an additional fee and subject to the availability of places.