Academic Society

Octagon is Kingham Hill School’s academic society: its philosophy is to provide academic extension and enrichment to the most able pupils. Members are given additional opportunities to extend their learning outside of lessons to challenge and motivate them to achieve their academic potential whilst being encouraged to pursue their individual interests.

Octagon seeks to support the curriculum subjects through specific tasks and more general units of learning that will aid understanding in all subjects, whilst giving pupils a broader education outside of the curriculum. Octagon seeks to enable its pupils to discover for themselves what their passions are and allows them time to delve deeper into subjects that interest them.

Octagon activities include debating, public speaking and critical thinking to give pupils the skills that they need to be independent thinkers and to enable them to be proactive in all they do. Much emphasis is placed on the Trivium - Grammar, Rhetoric and Logic.

Octagon has approximately 60 members within the school and consists of seven classes (one per year group). It is a selective society and at the start of each academic year, all new pupils in 1st to 4th Forms and all returning pupils in 1st, 3rd and 4th Forms are invited to apply to be part of the society. To find out more about the application procedure, please contact Mr Williams, Head of Octagon.

Octagon places very high expectations on pupils: expecting them to read widely, with intelligence and critical thought, and to seek to better themselves in all their studies. Members are expected to be positive academic role models within the school, and promote the love of learning amongst their peers.

Octagon events and activities include:

  • Lectures held once or twice per term in which all pupils, both within and outside of the society, are encouraged to attend.
  • Pudding Club provides a friendly forum for pupils to share their learning and is held three times a year. This is a compulsory event for all Octagon members and they are encouraged to ‘bring along a friend’.
  • The annual Pizza Night in October welcomes new members to the society.
  • In April the annual Octagon Dinner allows pupils to celebrate and reflect upon their achievements over the year.
  • Cultural trips to Cambridge University, the British Museum and Library.
  • Participating in the Chipping Norton Rotary Club public speaking competition.