The aim of the Chaplaincy is for every pupil entering the school to have a clear understanding of the character, claims and teaching of Jesus Christ by the time they leave. Our pupils come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with variety of faiths and some none, and represent a broad spectrum of understanding. Some arrive with a mature faith, others are just starting out and many have a bag load of questions.

Running alongside the Chapel services, we have a variety of informal and optional meetings for the pupils. On these occasions we encourage pupils to think for themselves about the issues of Christian faith and belief. We enjoy discussion and debate on a whole range of issues - biblical and contemporary. Although by no means compulsory, pupils are encouraged to participate in the meetings and to contribute in particular ways to Chapel services.

The Chaplain leads a team of Christian graduates, known as Pastoral Assistants. A ‘PA’ is attached to every boarding house.


Mon – Headmaster’s Assembly

Tue – Tutor Time

Wed – All School Chapel

Thu – Tutor Time

Fri – ‘Variety Friday’ – an opportunity for reflection, music recital, trip report, student drama, staff announcements etc

Sun – Chapel is usually at 7.45pm

Christian Union (open to all pupils but optional)

Junior CUs:

These occur on Friday lunchtimes. We eat together, then study one aspect of the Christian faith. Each year group CU is lead by a member of staff and a Pastoral Assistant.

Senior CUs:

These follow a similar pattern to the Junior CUs, but they meet on a Monday. Senior pupils are encouraged to serve junior pupils as assistant leaders in the Junior CUs.