List of Activities

The following is a list of activities available to pupils in each year group.

1st Form

In 1st Form pupils are put on a fixed rotation of activities every half term to give them a flavour of some of the options available. Their activity session is on a Friday afternoon and they will attend the following activities:

  • ConSERVE
  • Farm Club
  • Life Skills
  • Swimming
  • Wide Games
  • STEM

In addition to this, 1st Form undertake a carousel of musical instruments on a Wednesday afternoon which is repeated in 2nd Form.

2nd Form

In the 2nd Form pupils can select a different activity each term for their Friday session. The options include all those activities from 1st Form plus Board Games and Climbing on our indoor wall.  Swimming is compulsory for a term and they will continue with the carousel of musical instruments.

3rd Form

In the 3rd Form pupils have complete choice for their Friday activities, with the 8 activities from 2nd Form and a further choice, Outdoor Activities.  This is also when pupils join CCF for a compulsory year on a Tuesday afternoon.

4th Form

In the 4th Form pupils have a choice of activities on a Monday and Tuesday.  The choices vary from year to year and each term and presently include:

  • Activity
  • Farm Club
  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Book club
  • Sketchbook / Ceramics
  • Debating
  • Tinker Club
  • Reading Club
  • Cross-stitch
  • Photography
  • LegoTechnik
  • Puzzle Club
  • YearBook
  • Sailing
  • ConSERVE
  • Bushcraft
  • Helping Hands
  • Video Club
  • CCF
  • DofE Silver Award

5th and 6th Form

5th and 6th Form pupils have activities on a Tuesday and Thursday. Their options are presently:

  • CCF
  • Helping Hands
  • Farm Club
  • ConSERVE
  • Ambassadors
  • Horse Riding
  • Community Football/Sports Leaders
  • Junior Sport Coaching
  • Magazine Club
  • DT Club
  • Yearbook
  • A Level Photo
  • A Level Art
  • Forestry Club
  • Commonwealth War Graves Maintenance
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Quiz Club
  • Cooking
  • Rec. Football
  • PE Climbing group
  • GCSE Level Art
  • A Level Photo
  • Current Events/MUN
  • Poetry Club
  • Chess Club
  • Farm Club (animal management)
  • DofE gold
  • CCF Leadership
  • Sports Leader Level 3
  • ESOL Prep
  • Astronomy
  • Tinker
  • Junior sport coaching
  • Parliament Club/Debating
  • Rec Football
  • Forestry
  • Book Club
  • Music Composition
  • DT Club
  • Card Games
  • Bushcraft