Our Combined Cadet Force has Army and Royal Air Force sections. Both enjoy support from their parent unit. The Army section being fortunate to be affiliated to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Whilst many of the activities on offer are ‘militarily themed’ and a lot of support is received by the Ministry of Defence, there are numerous adventure training opportunities. The emphasis is upon personal development, instilling discipline and teamwork, rather than upon recruitment to the armed services.

The CCF is compulsory for all Year 9 pupils, during which they undertake basic training, such as: drill, command tasks, weapon training, fieldcraft, map reading and much more. After a period of combined training in the Army section, cadets may opt to stay in the Army section or move to the RAF section.

For those that continue in the CCF into Year 11, they begin the year with their method of instruction cadre and learn to develop their leadership and teaching skills. Those that do well are given additional responsibility with a promotion and will assist with teaching junior cadets.

You will see below the outline of camps and exercises. This can act as a reasonable guide to the year’s training. In addition, there are further training days, such as climbing and on-site activity days.

Michaelmas Lent Trinity Enrichment Week
Cold water challenge; New recruits Canoeing/Kayaking (W'end) Recruits' camp (half-term break) Army section exercise (half-term break) Army summer camp
Army section exercise (half-term break) Challenging pursuits camp - Army & RAF (Easter break) RAF gliding & flying RAF summer camp
Army section - junior NCO cadre (half-term break) RAF gliding & flying    
Regimental dinner      
RAF section gliding & flying