Global Citizens

We now live in a world which is interconnected as never before, and here at Kingham Hill School we feel it is our duty to prepare our pupils to be at ease navigating a world full of diverse cultures and views.

That outward-looking perspective is already reflected in our pupil body: the vast majority of our intake is British but over 30 nationalities are represented at Kingham Hill.

We believe that travel broadens the mind, and none more so when it involves working at close quarters in our volunteering programme with a Zambian children’s village. Closer to home, our Ambassadors programme is an international way of learning from our own community: working and living alongside children from across the globe helps every pupil develop an appreciation and awareness of other cultures and traditions. Many of our pupils find the eclectic mix of nationalities one of the most enjoyable aspects of school life, and our pupils form friendships that span the globe. In addition to this, our leavers’ global attitudes and leadership skills enable them to stand out in a competitive international workplace.


At Kingham Hill School we feel it is important to look beyond the Hill and support the work of charities both locally and internationally.

In 2013, a Charity Committee was formed to oversee fundraising for external charities at Kingham Hill School. The purpose of the Charity Committee is to ensure that:

  • A framework is in place to oversee fundraising for external causes
  • Fundraising is balanced with the school’s development plan
  • Small-scale fundraising initiatives are planned in advance and are distributed evenly throughout the school calendar
  • Meaningful amounts of money are raised for charities
  • Relationships with charities can be created and maintained
  • There is scope for the school to react to international disasters and raise money towards the relief effort