Another bird's-eye view

Last week we were luckily enough that alumnus, Melville James, passed overhead again and sent these pictures back to Nanci.  We are delighted to be able to store these bird's-eye images as part of the archive of the project, detailing and recording the 58-week progress of the build. 


Works have continued this week, but now the majority of the activity is less visible from the outside, as the block work continues up to roof height, hiding away the spaces.


Whilst the cladding hasn't yet started, the insulation panels that go behind it, have begun to be fixed and the brackets are now all in place. 


The site remains a busy space, with lots of activity now occurring in a fairly compact space, as the internal walls continue to be built, both upstairs and down.

The internal walls of the Sports Hall are nearly complete, with the doors to the corridors and storage spaces now formed. 


I am away over the next week at the Bursar's Conference and so I am looking forward to seeing a jump in progress, when I return in a week. 

Cat Thompson and Nanci Austin