Rain, rain go away ....

We would love summer to return to the Hill. Whilst these images were taken on a dry day this week, most of the time it is raining, which is far from ideal when looking to fit the windows and doors! Below the images are taken of Sheffield from the flat roof section and from the new PE classroom.  The classroom is now plastered and all ready for the ceiling tiles to be fitted. 


The timber cladding is now fitted to both sides of the building and we are waiting for work on the front section to begin. Nearly all of the front framework is up, so it shouldn't be too long now. There are lots of trades on site currently, with teams working on the floor screed joints, electrical systems, gutters and trims and batons for the radiant panels, to name but a few.

Inside the plaster ceiling edges have been fitted to a number of areas and many of the services are now being hidden. 


Within the main hall, the batons are being fixed to the two long walls, to take the radiant/acoustic panels. 

The site remains a busy place right now and it is hard to imagine that in a few short weeks, the pupils will be returning and able to see progress and the building will be approaching completion. 

Cat Thompson and Nanci Austin