Pastoral Care

Being able to provide pupils with excellent support inside and outside of the classroom is at the heart of all that we do at Kingham Hill.

There is a tangible sense of friendliness and unity here that allows all pupils to be individually known and nurtured. When talking to our pupils, parents and staff about what they love most about the School the answer is usually, community.

The pastoral care at Kingham Hill School has been outstanding and I am regularly amazed at the attention and positive reinforcements our son receives. He is a forward-thinking and engaged young man with a much brighter outlook on his learning and we thank you and your colleagues for this.
The best thing about being at Kingham Hill is the people and the community atmosphere. You’re friends with everyone and that doesn’t matter what year they are in, nobody is left out or by themselves because this is a family and everyone is helped to settle in. Esther, alumna