Pupil Leadership

No place of education in the 21st century can ignore the need for qualities such as leadership, community awareness and global citizenship, which are now more desirable than ever with potential employers.

The ability to work collaboratively with people from a range of backgrounds, excellent communication skills and a high degree of drive and resilience are attributes that are actively developed at Kingham Hill School. Pupils are presented with numerous opportunities to explore and develop their interests and skills in extra-curricular activity sessions, including Sports Leaders, Duke of Edinburgh and CCF.

The programmes allow pupils to learn about responsibility and how their own choices and actions affect others, gain an understanding of how to work within a team and how to best to use their individual skills. Knowing how actions can affect a task and how to communicate with others are vital attributes in a leader, and practising these earlier in life creates a solid foundation and the ability to be self-reliant and resilient.