Cricket is the main sport for both boys and girls in the Trinity Term. Cricket is very much at the heart of Summer on the Hill, with teams at each age group playing competitive fixtures each week. 1st XI games always attract a crowd, with a beautiful backdrop of Cotswolds countryside from the Benfield Pavilion.

Cricket at the younger level focuses very much on participation and enjoyment, building fundamental skills and movements, and as many as possible representing the school in weekly fixtures. Senior cricketers net throughout the winter, making use of the bowling machine and expert coaching to hone technique, ready for the start of the season.

Our impressive cricketing facilities make us the home of Oxfordshire county age groups.

Cricket continues to grow throughout the school, and several of our pupils in recent years have gone on to represent county sides.

The Barings XI - named after the founder - is a team consisting of staff and sixth form pupils who play every Wednesday evening against local club sides or invitational XI’s. This is a great opportunity for our senior pupils to experience a higher level of cricket playing alongside staff, and to develop links with local clubs.

Sport, in general, is a huge passion of mine. Being at Kingham enabled me to enhance that passion with the opportunity to work closely with coaches allowing you not to just develop as a player but as a person. The thing I enjoyed the most, was the opportunity to challenge ourselves against top sporting schools, as Kingham punches well above its weight which allows more competitive and interesting games.

As someone who wants to pursue cricket in the future at professional level, Kingham allowed me the space and the opportunities to do so. With the chance to do extra training with coaches or players if needed or for me to leave school for any training outside of school.

Sport at Kingham taught me that if you keep working hard and put your all into everything you do, success will come. This is the motto I use in life which has shaped me into the person I am today, however tough something may seem, keep putting 100% into it and you will succeed.

Luke (pictured below) - Sports Scholar