Clyde (Day, Junior Boys)

Junior Day Boys aged 11 to 14 years.

Hello, welcome to our junior boys’ day house, Clyde. I’m Murray Metcalfe and I am the Houseparent for Clyde. I am a teacher at Kingham Hill, with my specialty being Spanish.

As Houseparent for the junior day boys at Kingham Hill, I help look after their day to day needs within the house and oversee their general progress at school. We also have an academic tutor team who are responsible for monitoring a pupil’s academic progress. They meet with pupils every day to chat and check homework diaries. Once a week, our tutors and the tutor group gather for an extended period to discuss topics and see how things are going. All good and not-so-good details are communicated to the Houseparent so you can expect me to know how all our boys are getting on!

Clyde boys 2021

To ensure the house is looked after properly, the boys take responsibility for the day to day care of their common room by keeping it neat and tidy and storing all their belongings in their own personal locker. Boys from Plymouth House (1st - 3rd form) can visit the house during break and lunch times. All visiting pupils need to be invited by a Clyde boy who needs to seek the permission of the tutor on duty.

Our Clyde family is a diverse and supportive one and we enjoy welcoming new pupils to our house; all boys are encouraged to treat each other like brothers with socials and inter-house competitions very much at the heart of Clyde.

Mr Metcalfe, Housemaster