Durham (Boarding, Girls)

Senior Girls aged 14 to 18 years.

Welcome to the first boarding house that was built at Kingham Hill by our School Founder, Charles Edward Baring Young in 1886. I am Vivien Baxter the Houseparent for Durham and The Lodge and I live in the house attached (to Durham) with my husband, Philip, our two children Joshua (3rd Form), Emily (2nd Form), our house rabbit, Malteaser, and our labrador puppy, Max. I joined Kingham Hill School almost 2 years ago and was most recently a Deputy Houseparent in the Greenwich girls junior boarding house. I am originally from New Zealand and lived in London for 17 years where I worked as a postgraduate Physiotherapist. As a family we enjoy the outdoors. I also love craft, games and baking and look forward to involving the girls with these activities.

The house staff team is made up of Cheryl Marshall-Sheppard (Deputy Houseparent), Katie Rutherford (Pastoral Assistant) and three tutors. We are a small house of up to 29 girls. We are also attached to The Lodge which is where our Upper Sixth students live with Lodge Warden, Bethan Rayner.

We know that it can be a big deal leaving home to come and share life in a boarding house and we believe that a family setting is the best environment for students to grow and thrive. We continually strive to make Durham and The Lodge feel like home and to build relationships that feel like family. It is important that each girl is known and cared for individually. It is also important to us that Durham doesn't feel like an extension of school but is a place to relax and be nurtured and encouraged to thrive.

We have ‘in house’ nights every Tuesday where we participate in a variety of activities. The girls contribute to organising those evenings which is a great way to feel part of the house.

In addition to house nights we have group trips out on Saturdays. Understanding that it is healthy to get off site and have a change of scenery, we try to organise trips that the girls request.

The Lodge is a short walk away and their the girls have independence and their own space but we also work hard to include them into the Durham community as well.

We look forward to welcoming you to Durham and The Lodge.

Houseparent: Vivien Baxter

Deputy Houseparent: Cheryl Marshall-Sheppard

Lodge Warden: Bethan Rayner

Pastoral Assistant: Katie Rutherford