Senior Girls aged 14 to 18 years.

Welcome to one of the oldest boarding houses at Kingham Hill Durham House, which was built by our School Founder Charles Edward Baring Young in 1886. I am Bethia Stevenson-Paul and I am the Houseparent for Durham and live in the house attached with my husband Jonathan and our one year old son Fynn and we will soon have another baby boy joining the family. I joined Kingham Hill in 2016 and previously worked as a Geography teacher and Assistant Housemistress for ten years before deciding to become a Houseparent full time.

Creating a family feel in the house for our girls is a key aim to our Deputy Houseparent, Cheryl Marshall-Sheppard, Miss Bate our Pastoral Assistant, and our team of tutors. Creating a ‘house spirit’ and a sense of belonging is so important and much time is spent building on those. As Durham is a small house, we have 17 girls that board, it really does feel very much like a family. We do a lot of things together. We have ‘in house’ nights every Tuesday where we participate in a variety of activities. The girls are encouraged to contribute to organising those evenings which is a great way of feeling part of the house.

In addition to house nights we have group trips out on Saturdays, so far we have gone to Oxford ice skating, Swindon shopping and indoor trampolining and to Witney pottery. These trips are hugely popular with our girls and they always end up managing to squeeze in some time shopping!

A final thought, in Durham we do real, we do mistakes, we do ‘I’m sorry’, we do second chances, we do fun, we do hugs, we do forgiveness, we do really loud, we do family, we do love.

Houseparent: Bethia Stevenson-Paul

Deputy Houseparent: Cheryl Marshall-Sheppard

House Assistant: Jonathan Stevenson-Paul

Pastoral Assistant: Elizabeth Bate