Greenwich (Boarding and Day, Junior Girls)

Junior girls aged 11 - 13 (1st and 2nd Forms); Boarding and Day

We are Mr and Mrs Osborne and have been at Kingham Hill School for 5 years. Mr Osborne teaches Theology and Mrs Osborne teaches History. Having been away from KHS for a year, Mrs Osborne is back and looking forward to starting as the new houseparent of Greenwich. She started working at KHS a number of years ago as a Pastoral Assistant, went onto becoming a History teacher, and then became the Deputy House Parent of Greenwich. We have a beautiful young labrador called Boaz. He is very friendly and absolutely loves being the centre of attention. He will be over the moon to have plenty of companions to play with. 

Greenwich girls 2021

We are at a great advantage having both day and boarding girls in our house and our aim for the upcoming year is for pupils to all feel a part of the Greenwich family whether you are only here during the school day or here as a boarder. We hope to create a home away from home feel for all of the girls, especially the boarders, providing you with a safe environment where you can come, during the day and after school. It is vital that everyone works together to create this environment. So with carefully crafted rules and boundaries, designated house tasks and roles, as well as planned family activities, we will hopefully be able to create a home that all the girls feel secure and welcome in. 

No-one should feel left out, and we want everyone to feel comfortable enough to be themselves. This is a family which cares for and loves each other, so come and help continue to make Greenwich a House well known for this. 

Houseparents, Mr and Mrs Osbourne