Senior Day Boys aged 14 - 18.

I am delighted to introduce you to Havelock House. My name is Rev Andrew Savage and I am Houseparent for Havelock. Along with Deputy Houseparent Chris Larner, my role is to make sure our senior day boys have a brilliant time at Kingham Hill School and that they are able to enjoy all aspects of school life, whether it is academic, sport, music, drama or after school activities. I am the person who is responsible for the Havelock boys when they are at school and my main priority is to ensure everyone settles into the house and life at the Hill generally.

A brief word about me, I am the school Chaplain, and a Theology teacher. I run the mountain biking club, and help with Duke of Edinburgh. I have been at Kingham Hill for nine years, and my children have been pupils here. They have loved it! My wife runs the animal club which is just behind Havelock.

At Havelock we share the building with Clyde, in our section we have two large rooms, one for Years 10-11 and one for the Sixth Form. Each boy is given their own locker to keep bags, sports kit and school supplies. Our location is in the heart of the school, between the Veritas building and Top School. This means it is close to the classrooms and sports pitches, and it acts as an excellent base for the day boys during break and lunch times.

Houseparent: Andrew Savage

Deputy Houseparent: Chris Larner