Latimer (Day, Girls)

Junior and Senior Days Girls aged 14 to 18 (3rd Form - Upper Sixth)

Hello and welcome to Latimer House, a place that the day girls at Kingham Hill can make their own personal base for the school day. I’m Sophia and I’m the Houseparent and I work with our Deputy Houseparent Helen to make sure that all our girls are happy and well supported during their time at Kingham Hill.

We encourage our girls to treat Latimer like their home during the day and have a number of facilities they can use, including a lounge, kitchen and locker rooms.

To give everyone the chance to get to know each other and new faces we start our school year with socials, usually to a local restaurant and then back to the house. Last year the junior girls went ice skating and the seniors had a Christmas meal out in Oxford. Every summer we have a party on the grounds with inflatables, burger van and ice cream!

Latimer really is like a big family and all the girls are friendly and ready to help new girls settle into school life.

Houseparent: Sophia Chichester

Deputy Houseparent: Helen Evans