Junior boys aged 11 to 14 years.

Hello, my names is Adam Marks welcome to Plymouth, the junior boys boarding house. I am the Houseparent for Plym, as it is known on the Hill, along with my wife Danielle, where we live with our three young children. I have been a part of the Plym family as a tutor since I started teaching maths at the school three years ago and was very happy to recently accept the role of Houseparent.

As a house, one of our biggest values is respect - we encourage all of our boys to respect themselves and others as well as the house and possessions of the school and other people. Creating a house full of brothers who enjoy the ins and outs of family life on the Hill is something that is important to myself, Danielle and the rest of the house team. We create this through having a number of house nights watching films and sports matches, and taking Saturday trips off site to participate in activities like rugby, paintball, zorbing and trampolining.

We understand that for some boys the experience of boarding may be a new one, whilst others may have been away from home before. Regardless of previous experiences, we make sure that the transition to secondary school is as easy as possible for everyone by utilising our brilliant house team to help support the pastoral needs of our boarders so they feel welcomed and happy at school.

We have a Deputy Houseparent, Angela Francis, Pastoral Assistants and tutors that meet our boys regularly to discuss academic progress and provide a safe place for pupils to talk about any pastoral needs they may have.

Houseparent: Adam Marks

Deputy Houseparent: Angela Francis

House Assistant: Danielle Marks

Pastoral Assistants: Angus Beauchamp and Jonathan Hill