Severn (Boarding, Girls)

Senior girls aged 14 to 18 years.

My name is Athena Harper and I am the Houseparent to the Severn girls during their time on the Hill. I live in the house attached with my husband Gareth, who is Deputy Houseparent and also training to be a vicar. We have a daughter Beatrix, who is very much looking forward to getting to know her house sisters! Severn is run by a team of well loved and admired staff; Bethan Rayner, Deputy Houseparent who is also the Sixth Form Warden and lives in The Lodge on site, Jen Harris our Pastoral Assistant who is sporty and loves Basketball. We also have a team of tutors who keep the girls on track with their academic studies and are on duty in house once a week.

I have been a part of the Kingham Hill community for nearly a decade now beginning as a Pastoral Assistant, and then Deputy Houseparent in Greenwich House, working with the junior girls. More recently, I was Day Houseparent of Latimer House, overseeing a mix of junior and senior girls. I have a background in social work and event management which means that I have a heart for knowing people well and cultivating environments where joy is nurtured! I am currently undertaking a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, the skills which I have learnt I hope to be able to put to good use in listening to the girls in house, so that each individual is known and cared for.

We hold regular pudding nights, bonfires and games nights to help the girls get to know each other better. Every Tuesday evening we have a night in house where we eat snacks, play games, listen to music and watch films. We also like to explore the Cotswolds and surrounding villages, especially for shopping and cake trips!

Houseparent: Athena Harper

Deputy Houseparent: Bethan Rayner and Gareth Harper

Pastoral Assistant: Naomi Robson