Sheffield (Boarding, Senior Boys)

Senior Boys aged 14 to 18 years.

We are delighted to welcome you to Sheffield House! Let me introduce everyone: I am Jeff Elliott, the Houseparent, and I also teach English on the Hill. Along with with my wife, Suzy and our two young boys, Fin and Ronan, I live in a family house attached to Sheffield.

In addition to myself and Suzy we are very well assisted by Denise Povey who is the Deputy Houseparent for Sheffield. Denise is always on hand at break times and in the evenings to help the Sheffield boys with activities such as cooking, cleaning and working the washing machine! She is also a great listener and is always available for our boys to speak to.

Here at Sheffield we like to encourage all of our pupils to work to the best of their abilities, whether this is in or outside of the classroom, and the boys have been lucky to enjoy recent success in both the academic and extra-curricular spheres of school life.

Sheffield is very much a family, and as such you will have a lot of brothers. Everyone is important in this family. Our Sixth Formers are the big brothers of the house; they help keep order, show others how to make the most of Sheffield and are available for others to chat to.

We are a happy and industrious house, full of fun and good friendships - we look forward to meeting you.

Houseparents, Mr and Mrs Elliott and their eldest son.