Woodstock (Day, Boys)

Senior boys aged 14 to 18 years.

Welcome to Woodstock, my name is Stephen Miller and I am the houseparent to the boys in the newest house on the hill. I am very excited to be setting up a completely new house this year and I look forward to seeing how the boys in the house progress whilst they are at Kingham. Although I live off-site with my wife, Jenny and our three children, I will be in the Woodstock house for much of the day, unless I am teaching in my lab.

As Housemaster of Woodstock, I am responsible for the boys whilst at school and I will be making every effort to ensure that Woodstock is a productive and supportive environment as pupils prepare for public examinations. I will be encouraging the boys to make the most of their time on the Hill by getting involved in every aspect of school life. The main focus this year is on how to use class time and prep time effectively to make outstanding academic progress. The boys will also be encouraged to be fully involved in all that Kingham has to offer. The Woodstock boys will be well supported an experienced and dedicated team of academic tutors: Jennifer White, who is also the Head of DT; Nick Fox, a fabulous historian; Dan Chambers, who is Head of Music and Magnus Eyles, the Deputy Headmaster.

I joined Kingham in 2010 as a Science teacher and have been Head of Science since 2011. I am also involved in the RAF section of the CCF with a particular interest in promoting adventurous training amongst the cadets. Throughout the year I take pupils into mountainous terrain in the UK as well as leading on mountain biking trails. My other interest is in conservation and I run the ConSERVE club at the school.

The house is ideally situated in the heart of the school between the Veritas building and Top School and so it is close to the classrooms and sports pitches, and it acts as an excellent base for the day boys during break and lunch times. Each boy is given their own locker to keep bags, sports kit and school supplies.

Throughout the year there are a number of socials and inter-house competitions which will bring the house together and I am sure the boys will be keen to make an impact in each of these events.

Housemaster, Mr Miller.