Remembering the past whilst building the future

Week 8 of the build marks a poignant moment in the School history, as we all mark 100 years since the signing of the armistice treaty at the end of First World War.  The School lost 63 former pupils during the hostilities and the image below, taken in about 1905, shows 7 of those boys, sitting on the embankment opposite Swansea House, where we are now digging the foundations of the new Sports Centre. The names of Glenelg Bartrum, Walter Burton, Edwin Davies, Horace Devine, Arthur Kirk, Harold Kirk and Henry Stayte are recorded along with the others who gave their lives, on the memorial in our Chapel. Walking to the site this morning, following our Remembrance Service in Chapel, I took a moment to reflect on the sacrifice made by the boys who sat on the embankment 113 years ago. 


Work continues apace and more samples. We have been selecting the final finishes for the building, even down to the gravel for the paths. In general, the tones and textures will match the Veritas building (and hence the rest of the site) as closely as we can. 

The build continues ahead of schedule but with the mud deepening! Next week the setting out of the foundations will begin, ahead of the slabs being laid and the first pieces of steel frame being erected in early December. The deliveries of stone have continued, with the final side of the gabion walls now under construction. The land drain behind the walls has been installed and the backfilling is underway. 



Cat Thompson and Nanci Austin