We've been framed!

As Week 18 draws to a close, visible progress continues to be made.  The project is running to time and next week moves us on again to a new phase. The steel frame is now complete and on Tuesday the brickwork will commence. Changes will then seem slower, until the planks arrive for the floor in about 3 weeks. 


From above the building neatly fits the allotted space and like the Veritas building, the roof colour (we have chosen the same colour) should hopefully blend the building into the skyline. 


From the front and side the shape and position of the building, mean it sits below the roof line of Sheffield House and only one floor above the adjacent Astroturf nets. 


The images above show firstly the Squash Court, secondly the Draught Lobby forming the main entrance and finally a view from the Sports Hall looking back in towards the 'accommodation building'. The works in the final shot, show the foul water drainage being installed under the changing rooms.

My favourite moment this week though, was getting to stand for the first time in the fully constructed frame, looking up at the full extend of the main hall. What a difference this will make to the pupils on a cold day like today. 

Elsewhere on the site, the additional works on the cricket nets continues, with the frame up and the foundations down.  Now front and centre next to the pavilion, these fully enclosed nets will hope afford the pupils better opportunities to maintain their skills over the Michaelmas and Lent terms. This area always looked somewhat without purpose, so it is pleasure to see it finding a great use. 


After several years of planning, having a completed frame has left me with a huge smile on my face and my excitement at what this building will bring is palpable. Thanks go this week to the fantastic contractor team that have got us this far.  On of our pupils, Tom, has volunteered to assist is taking some more drone footage for us, so hopefully we will have that available to share with you soon.

Cat Thompson and Nanci Austin