A Senior Field Day

On Monday 16th September, No. 3 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps invited the contingent’s senior cadets to Dalton Barracks to see a presentation on the various aspects of the Royal Logistics Corps. The presentation comprised stands covering supply of everything from a bulb to a tank engine across time zones, climates and continents.

CCF Senior Field Day

Cadets also had an insight into military catering, bomb disposal and the work of the more specialised suppliers attached to Royal Marines and the Airborne Forces. The cadets had the opportunity to talk to a variety of Royal Logistics Corps personnel ranging from junior ranks to troop commanders, one of whom had recently graduated from the Royal Military College Sandhurst.

Overall, it was a useful visit as the cadets were given a good understanding into how a distribution network system works – there are similarities with Amazon - as well as an insight into an important area of the Army that tends to be a something of a Cinderella.