Enrichment Week Report

Over the last week, 1st to 5th Form pupils have participated in Enrichment Week, a series of events organised to stir them from their screens as much as possible and to get them thinking about wider issues.  Each year group rotated through five different themes:

Apprentice:  Some pupils have shown themselves to be budding marketing executives with designing, branding and advertising their product.  This advert from Rys in 1st Form gained much praise:  

Brain Teasers:  Mr Beasant set a number of Brain Teasers which kept pupils bemused for hours.  Parents were finding their children still awake as they desperately tried to solve the various challenging riddles and conundrums.

Boot Camp: It was reported that many pupils approached this day with dread.  The reality was far from their worst imagination. Mr Martin set up a variety of activities to amuse and bemuse as these pictures show.

London Marathon:  Many pupils were concerned at the prospect of running the London Marathon and were relieved to find out that the title was simply a focus for a number of physical, mental and social activities.  This piece by Matilda in 1st Form was an outstanding product of one of those challenges:


The sound of my feet as they hit the ground

The thump of my heart as it starts to pound

The heat of the day as a sweat starts to break

How many hours is this going to take?


The sound of my feet as I find my stride

I’m running, I’m running, I’m running with pride

Nothing can stop me, I will finish this race

If I just keep going and steady my pace


The sound of my feet as they start to slow

How far have I run how much farther to go?

I’m jogging, I’m jogging, I’m walking oh no!

The miles I have run are starting to show


The sound of cheering, the claps and applause

As I round the corner nearly on all fours

The sound fills my heart and I’m back on my feet

I’ll run to this sound - the most joyous beat!!!


The sound of my feet as they hit the ground

The thump of my heart as it starts to pound

The finish line in view I must keep on going

I’ve done it, I’ve finished to the crowds I am owing

Natural Disaster: Last, but certainly not least, Mr Elliot ran a series of activities that focused on the basic skills for survival, when some of the luxuries of life are taken from us.  This caused a variety of amusing videos and anecdotes, but it also made them think about the issues involved in such tragedies. 

It has been great to see the pupils engaged in so many different activities and thank you for some wonderful feedback.  We hope they have a safe and enjoyable half term, ready to resume their work on VKHS.

Mr Keith Whitehead
Deputy Head, Cocurricular