Hooves on the horizon

The faint sound of pupils chattering en route to the Sports Hall; the sweet sound of birdsong through the trees… for the last few weeks, all has been quiet and serene on the Hill.

But not for long! Soon to join these familiar sounds is the pitter-patter of tiny hooves as – not one, not two, but THREE - of our very own goats become mothers!

Bramble, Holly and Tinkerbell are currently expecting and, in just 10 days, will welcome their new babes into the world.

Izzy, Farm Manager on the Hill, has taken the ladies back to her home for some tender, loving care, keeping them healthy and happy in these last few days of pregnancy. They are very much enjoying being pampered, and getting to know their new neigh-bour, Princess Tiliana.

When asked for her opinion on this exciting news, the Princess was lost for words and merely let out a jubilant whinny.

We also tried to get in touch with the father to see how he received the news, but were unable to track him down for comment…  Apparently he’s “some fellow from the Forest of Dean” but, have no fear, our excellent team are on his trail as I write.