House of Cards Challenge

As part of the school’s vibrant virtual extra-curricular programme, pupils have been set weekly challenges – in Sport, Reading, acts of Service and other activities – aimed at getting them away from screens and encouraging them to keep exploring the diverse opportunities and areas of interests available beyond their academic studies.

This week, pupils were encouraged to put away their phones and pick up a pack of cards, in a bid to build the “most impressive” house of cards out of everyone in their year. Stakes were high, with adhesives and other supports being universally forbidden – all structures had to be free-standing and built using only cards, wit and steely determination.

This particular challenge was a walk down Memory Lane for Mr Seward, who fondly remembers a similar occasion in his own childhood: he recalls, “I was about 10 or 11, growing up in Papua New Guinea, with my best mate Jono” and, in an inspired moment, the two lads embarked on their own battle with the fickle loyalty of the cards…

Looking back at this masterpiece of construction, Mr Seward adds: it was “just one of the things boys did in the blissful days before screens...”

In the wistful (?) age of screens, the ingenuity of young minds is nonetheless still alive and active, as was evident in the many entries received from all across the school body, and in particular, Plym’s very own Oscar Kay. His Uno bungalow – a remarkable feat of engineering - was able to hold no less than 7.5kg of weight before finally caving in!