Keira, English Football and Futsal

First form pupil Keira is a happy go lucky girl that loves everything football. She sacrifices a lot of her free time to try and become the best at what she loves. Keira and her older brother both attend Kingham Hill and are part of the American Program.

Keira was spotted by a Leicester City RTC coach in August 2017. The club asked her to join but there was a slight problem; Keira was not English. Her family spent months working on an international clearance and a waiver from the FA for her to play on the team. Leicester City held her hand through the whole process and have continued to support her in many other ways. The club is very special to her and she is now in her fourth year with the team. 

A few weeks ago Keira was invited as 1 of 4 girls to participate in the FA Pokémon Futsal event. Famous You-tuber, Tekkerz kid (who plays for Birmingham U12 and has 1.62 million followers) was also there as 1 of the 6 boys selected.  Keira doesn't play a lot of Futsal but enjoyed the filming and working with the coaches from the FA.   Pokemon and the English Football Association teamed up for this event to raise the profile of the fast-paced sport. 

Well done Keira!