London Blitz Tour

As pupils prepared for the end of term, Mr Williams and Mr Fox took 26 Year 10 historians on a tour of sites associated with the Second World War in London.

The pupils concentrated on the impact of German bombing on the London Borough of Islington. Mr Williams led an in-depth study of one particular incident: a V2 rocket attack on Grovedale Road near the Archway on 5th November 1944. The group heard eye-witness accounts and matched up wartime maps and photographs with the buildings which still survive. Pupils were able to identify new brickwork, evidence of demolition and shrapnel marks in the kerbstones. They also managed to identify a former municipal air raid shelter just down the road which is now being used as offices.

The group were then welcomed by the Islington Borough Archivist at the council’s record office near the Angel. They were able to delve into the archives to immerse themselves in the many surviving records including ARP reports, photographs and medical records. The pupils threw themselves into this task and some have indeed been bitten by the researching bug.

After lunch, Mr Williams led the group up Primrose Hill to inspect the remains of an Anti-Aircraft gun emplacement used in the defence of London. It was also an excellent opportunity to see the impressive skyline of London.

The Year 10 historians had a great day deepening their knowledge of the Blitz and V1/V2 attacks during the Second World War – equipping them particularly for their GCSE studies in September.

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