Meteor Crash Anniversary

On Thursday this week, it was the 70th anniversary of an RAF Meteor plane crash in the wooded area down the hill by our Sports Centre. On that day, 9th November 1953, two pilots - Sqn Ldr Richard Anthony Fox Linton and Flt Lt Raymond Geoffrey Mead - lost their lives. We paid tribute to them with a small service at the location of the crash, which was attended by the son of one of the pilots, Dr Geoff Mead.

Many of our older Hillians still remember the event, with one stating  "I remember well the Meteor crash. The flight path was across my line of sight and the picture is still vivid in my mind. I will always be convinced that the pilot deliberately, by going into a steeper dive when just above treetop level, crashed into the trees, rather than hit the Top School building."