Mock Presidential Elections Held

Just before the end of the Lent Term, all our pupils studying either French or Government and Politics took part in mock elections for the President of the French Republic.

Turnout was brisk: over a hundred pupils and teachers voted in the first round.  The results of the first round were as follows:

            Emmanuel MACRON           43.0 %

            Benoît HAMON                     21.0 %

            Marine LE PEN                      11.0 %

            François FILLON                   10.0 %

            Jean-Luc MÉLENCHON       10.0 %

            Jacques CHEMINADE          2.0 %

            Nathalie ARTHAUD             1.0 %

            Nicolas DUPONT-AIGNAN   1.0 %

            Jean LASSALLE                     1.0 %

            François ASSELINEAU         0.0 %

            Philippe POUTOU                 0.0 %


The second round between the two most popular candidates, Macron and Hamon, took place this week and the results were as follows:

            Emmanuel MACRON           56.76 %

            Benoît HAMON                     43.24 %

The pupils have enjoyed the opportunity to take part in an election.  Some of them say that they have started to take a greater interest in politics as a result of this rather different school project.

It will be interesting to see whether the actual results (23rd April and 7th May) bear any similarity to those seen on the Hill.