Packing and posting

The Hill itself may be mostly divest of pupils and staff alike at the moment, but a thorough trawl through classrooms and houses turned up an astonishing number of books and textbooks sitting all forlorn and unused.

Bringing every last one into the top school hall for solidarity, we built up a veritable Aladdin's cave of books, awaiting a worthy individual who would discover and have power to unravel the mysteries of this treasure trove...

Thankfully, the team of PAs rose to the task and diligently organised and packed up all the books into individual packages, ready to be shipped off to pupils all over the UK, and indeed the world!

You can take a pupil out of the classroom, but it transpires that you can also send the classroom to the pupil! All the best to those of you joining us through VKHS, we can't wait to be reunited with you and your books as soon as possible!