The life and times of a PA

With only a handful of pupils currently on site, the lives of the PA team have changed somewhat dramatically over the last few weeks. Thankfully, we still get to spend quality time in Bradford, Severn and the Sports Hall with those pupils on site and are very much enjoying getting to know them better.

Nonetheless, used to having one foot in the boarding houses and one foot in the entirety of the rest of school, in the face of lockdown, we have had to turn to other means to keep ourselves occupied.

Whilst Mr Savage and Mr Steele continue to teach over Google Classroom, the rest of the PAs have been kept busy with exciting new ventures into other parts of school life: from video production and journalism in the Marketing department (this article comes to you courtesy of one of our new recruits) and showing off our newly-acquired nursing skills at weekly Lateral Flow testing...

Miss Marshall primed and ready to process some testing samples taking on odd-jobs that crop up - for example, packing up all the pupils’ books to be posted home – and researching Joe Wicks thoroughly in order to learn the art of presenting a fitness video to help keep pupils healthy and fit at home, we have become masters of many trades.

Miss StJohn attempting an advanced Plank exercise for the PA fitness video

But it’s not all work and no play – with the arrival of a heavy fall of snow over the weekend, we all very much enjoyed some well-earned fun sledging and snowballing!

Mr Ackroyd and Mr Steele with Hercules the snowman

Watching the sun set on a long day of snow-filled antics