The Mass results

Despite the fact this year's Mass was virtual, the event nonetheless retained much of its traditional character. A huge number of staff and pupils participated in the 2.2 mile run, and a hard-fought tussle for the top house position was evident with a great deal of in-house comradery on show as well as some fantastic individual performances (a number of staff and pupils on the KHS site were even able to run the real Mass route starting at top school -  socially distanced of course). 

With regular updates on twitter, it was great to see houses gaining momentum as the event progressed. We loved receiving photos of family runs, sibling runs and socially distanced group efforts. We were particularly thrilled to see many from our Hillian community and many previous staff from all over the globe also joining in, running their own Kingham Hill Mass wherever they were based. 

We would like to thank all the staff, pupils and alumni who took part as well as those supporting them in their efforts. We were particularly impressed to hear of many pupils who decided to run it multiple times!  

Congratulations to this year's winners:

Boys' results:


1st place: Clyde
2nd place Plymouth

Individual times:
1st - Riley Brooks : 14.44
2nd - Sebastian Roberts : 15.55
3rd - Dougal H-Smith : 16.00


1st Woodstock
2nd Havelock
3rd Bradford
4th Sheffield
5th Norwich

Individual times:
1st - Josh Le Feurve : 13.59
2nd - Alex Earnshaw : 15.01
3rd - Ionel Taflan : 15.22


1st Bradford
2nd Norwich
3rd Sheffield
4th Havelock
5th Woodstock

Individual times:
1st - Bertie Barker : 13.55
2nd - Will Evans : 14.59
3rd - Ethan Carre : 15.12

Girls' results:


1st Ozzy's
2nd Falcons
3rd Gators

Individual times:
1st - Gwennie Gulland : 16.47
2nd - Molly Thompson : 18.06
3rd - Milly Eyles : 18.27


1st Severn
2nd Latimer
3rd Durham

Individual times:
1st - Kiana Mitchell : 14.59
2nd - Lavinia Harrison : 16.52
3rd - Katie Cowls : 18.41


1st Latimer
2nd Durham
3rd Severn

Individual times:
1st - Danealle Harvey :18.50 
2nd - Iona Macmillan : 20:30 
3rd - Laura Chapel : 20:35