Upper Sixth Goodbye Events

A number of events have been planned to celebrate our Upper Sixth Class of 2020.  These include:

Friday 19th June: (Virtual) Lifers’ Chapel 

In chapel, a celebration of memories of pupils who have been with us since Year 7.   Our staff have also included a video of Thank You messages to share with the entire year group.

Saturday 4th July: Virtual Speech Day

Virtual Speech Day will be available to view on Saturday 4th July: this will be a special event where, as a school, we are able to look back at the last year and celebrate all that has happened and been achieved. 

Thursday 13th August: Results Day and Leaver's Tea

The 13th August will be a momentous occasion as results will be released at 8am.  Staff will be on hand in the Veritas building so that we are able to support pupils as they receive results and confirm destinations.

At 3 in the afternoon we will continue with the tradition of a special send-off high tea; hosting the event outside and celebrate our new group of Hillians.

TBC: the Ball! 

We are still planning a ball for the Sixth Form at some point in the future.

Saturday 12th September: Sixth Form Swansong

It has been our intention for some time to create an opportunity for the Upper Sixth leavers who are about to head off to university or other ventures to return to the Hill as Hillians before they take their next steps. This will, each year, take the form of a formal dinner and will be a special occasion. This year, given current restrictions, we are expecting to host a picnic outside and, with a drinks’ reception beforehand and an opportunity to dress formally, we hope that this will be a truly memorable evening.