Welcome to Bradford House!  We hope that you will have a wonderful and happy time in our senior boys house.

We have three young children, Arthur is 9 years old, Olive is 8 in January and Monty is 6 in September. A busy and noisy house! This is our 7th year of running Bradford. Mr Martin is starting a new role in the school this year as Head of Wellbeing, also coaching hockey and cricket in the school. Mrs Martin (along with being mum) teaches Geography in the school. I am sure all the boys in the house will at least hear the Martin children, before they see them!  

Bradford House is your ‘home from home’. It is important that everybody that comes into contact with the house knows this. Feeling looked after, cared for and known is so important to the Houseparents, tutors, matrons and Pastoral Assistant. We want the same outlook for the boys - looking out for each other, knowing each other and supporting one another at all times.

The informal school motto being, ‘Work Hard, Play Hard and Serve Well’, we do try and follow these in Bradford House. There are various different ways this can be achieved, but it is a good starting point for the outlook of the house. Perhaps an important aspect of living together is supporting each other and ‘serving’ each other in many different contexts. 

We also have a Personal Best culture within the house. It goes without saying we want the boys to try their best academically, but we also want everyone to get involved in house life, trying everything and getting the most out of the boarding experience. Doing the best you can and giving your all is all we can ask. 

We can’t wait to meet you in person.