Hello and welcome to Greenwich House! It is our joy and privilege to be the Houseparents for the girls of Greenwich.

Greenwich is the first stop for the junior boarding girls as they begin their journey at Kingham Hill, helping to cement friendships for the future.

Our aim is to encourage all the girls of the house to experience everything life on The Hill has to offer: art, drama, sport, music, and the farm, alongside their academic studies and endless activities. We want them to grow in wisdom and confidence, to cultivate their interests and ignite their curiosity so that they can ‘work hard, play hard and serve well’, whilst knowing they have a restful, comfortable home-from-home, where they can relax, be themselves and chat to their hearts’ content. 

Our community is built on respect, gentleness and kindness but also integrity, resilience, humility and responsibility. We want to equip the girls with these important characteristics to enable them to flourish, to take their place in an ever-changing world with commitment and determination to serve and respect those around them. We all have a role in ensuring Greenwich is a joyful place to be!

Helping us along the way are our four children, Herbie, Rufus, Felix and Jemimah (not forgetting Nellie, our golden retriever and Dennis, the cat!).