Havelock is one of the two senior boys’ day houses at Kingham Hill. Whilst the physical House and Common Room provides you with a base to keep your belongings, it is also a central place that you will find help, camaraderie and support during the school day.

The Havelock family provides a caring and supportive environment where we all work hard, play hard and serve well. Havelock is a close-knit house and we pride ourselves on building each other up and celebrating each other’s talents, efforts and successes. The friendships that are made within the house have the potential to last a lifetime.

The information in this handbook should give you a clearer idea of what to expect from daily life in Havelock and will ensure that you make the best start possible to the new school year.

You may have queries or feel unsure about things, please feel free to contact me, one of the Havelock Tutors or, once you are in school – one of Havelock’s House Captains.