Welcome to Norwich House. My name is Simon McFaul and I am married to Katy. We have three children – William, Lydia and Sadie and we love living at Kingham Hill. We are houseparents of Norwich and have been here since 2019 when we moved from Berkshire. I also teach Physics, coach sport and I’m an Officer in the CCF. As a family, we love being outdoors and walking our labrador, Indy.

We have an excellent Pastoral and Tutor team working alongside and supporting the boys in the house. 

Our aim is for Norwich House to be a welcoming, supportive and fun place - a family home of which the boys and staff are immensely proud.

Our hope is that Norwich boys will grow into responsible young men who will be kind, supportive of one another, honest, and learn to celebrate others successes (academic and otherwise) as much as their own. Our aim is to encourage the boys to make wise choices both now and in the future. 

The school motto is ‘Work Hard, Play Hard and Serve Well’ and this is very much an integral part of the house. Everyone has an important role to play and we each offer different skills, all of which are valued.

As a busy house made up of many people, it is imperative that we all think of others above ourselves and seek to serve one another at every opportunity, not only in the house but also in the wider school community. 

Norwich is a wonderful house and a fantastic place to live. We look forward to welcoming you!