Hello and welcome to Sheffield, ‘The Red House’. 

We are excited to welcome you to the Hill, our little patch of the Cotswolds. I am Mr Elliott, the Houseparent at Sheffield House, serving alongside my wife, Suzy, and our two sons Finlay (3) and Ronan (not yet 1). I have had the pleasure of working at Kingham Hill since 2010 when I started out as a Pastoral Assistant, post university. I currently teach in the English department and coach rugby, football and cricket. 

My aim is to make the boys feel like this is very much their ‘home away from home’, enjoying all of the benefits and uniqueness of being educated at a boarding school. Alongside the school’s unofficial motto of ‘Work hard, Play Hard, Serve Well’ we try to instill the principled adage of ‘Manners maketh man’ and that honesty, integrity and commitment should be core attributes of all pupils at the school. 

The house is a place where the boys should feel like they matter and can express themselves in a safe environment. My passion is to see boys smiling and enjoying the company of their peers, which is why we invest plenty of time planning events, trips and social evenings geared towards making the boys feel an integral part of what makes Sheffield House unique. 

Alongside the Houseparent and Matron, the boys will get to know the house tutors very well during their time in the House. They combine experience, passion and care on a weekly basis as they encourage the boys pastorally and academically.