Woodstock house was established in 2018 and, as such, is the newest house on The Hill.  I have been immensely proud of how the boys have adopted a work hard, play hard attitude and through this, managed to achieve a huge amount over this past year with particular highlights being that the senior boys have won the interhouse trophy for cricket, rugby and football. An incredible achievement. 

The Woodstock common room is a great place to keep your sports kit and books that you don’t want to carry around school. As well as being a good place to store everything you need for the day, we hope that being in Woodstock will provide you with an environment that will encourage you to excel in all aspects of life. You may even form great friendships with the other boys in the house that will last all of your life.

I hope the information in this handbook will give you a brief snapshot of how things work in Woodstock, so that you can make the best start to the new year.

However, if you are ever unsure or worried about anything please feel free to ask myself as the houseparent, a tutor or one of the senior pupils in the house.