A typical week

All pupils throughout the school follow the same timings of the day with an alternating Week A and Week B timetable. An example timetable is shown below (scroll the image to view Week B) showing a pupil taking 4 A levels in Biology, Chemistry, English and History. 

Unlike the rest of the school, a Sixth Former would expect to have each of their subjects each day, as well as at least one Study Hall for them to study in the library or elsewhere. Furthermore, they would expect to have either sport or activities during their day.

As well as this, Sixth Formers, depending on their level of responsibility, would expect to perhaps assist their houseparent in their house, or help with chapel duty, speak in Assembly, help with duty at meal times or generally be part of different committees. Sixth Formers have busy days and this is why a focus on time management is fundamental, to ensure that they achieve all that they want to and more during these two years.

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights are when the ‘Bar’ is open during the evenings; the library is open Monday-Thursday evenings from 6.30 until 8.30pm for them to receive assistance with applications or a chance for quiet study. Sixth Form Dinners take place on Thursday evenings as well.