Prefects and Heads of School


The prefect team is responsible for setting a good example of servant-hearted leadership to all prefects as well as being the bridge between pupils and staff. Prefects seek to be role models to all year groups and assist in the running of the school as well as supporting the charity work of the school and being attached to junior tutor groups. The Prefect team meets weekly in a meeting and is led by Mrs Berkeley.

The prefects are a vital bridge between pupils and staff, and are essential to the smooth running of the school. The team are chosen in Lower Sixth and their tenure begins at the start of the Trinity Term of Lower Sixth and ends at the end of the Lent Term of Upper Sixth (although they officially continue their roles until they leave school) in order for them to focus on their A level examinations.

Kingham Hill School Prefects

Heads of School

A team of Heads and Deputy Heads of School is appointed by the Headmaster each year, after he has invited pupils in the Sixth Form and staff to vote. They act as figure heads, role models and advocates for the school, as well as being examples for other pupils and as the voice of the school.

The Heads of School meet with the Headmaster and the Head of Sixth Form four times a term, when they have a mini appraisal and are assisted in all aspects of leadership. The Heads of school assist Mr Jones in leading the school Council and act as the voice for pupils in approaching staff about pupils’ concerns; they then feed this back to the whole school in an assembly every three weeks or so.

Heads of School at Kingham Hill School in Oxfordshire