Sixth Form seminar

All pupils in the Sixth Form have a timetabled session each week for their Sixth Form Seminar. This is an opportunity for pupils to hear from professionals who come to speak to the pupils about different careers, leadership, university and apprenticeships, PSHEE and personal development.

Sixth Form Seminars at Kingham Hill School

Most sessions take the format of a lecture with an opportunity for questions but the flexibility of these weekly slots allows the Sixth Form to be advised and led according to their needs.

Previous Seminars have included:

  • Talk on the Middle East
  • Business talk on founding a new business
  • Veterinary professional
  • Astronaut’s experience
  • Criminal law talk
  • Policeman on his career
  • Finance talk on budgeting
  • Finance talk on insurance
  • EPQ workshop on psychology of killer whales
  • Driving Safety Awareness course
  • Gambling awareness talk
  • Alcohol awareness talk
  • 'Elevate Education': Memory Mnemonics
  • Interview workshop
  • Drug addiction and awareness talk
  • Phone interviews talk
  • Apprenticeship talk
  • University visits
  • University prep talk
  • UCAS talk