Social life

From the Winter Ball and Summer Ball, to Sixth Form socials dotted throughout the year, there are plenty of social events for our pupils to look forward to.

There is a designated social space for the Sixth Form where pupils can go at break times, lunchtimes and after school to relax, socialise and play a game of pool.

Social Events at Kingham Hill School
Social Events at Kingham Hill School
Sixth Form Social Club

The Sixth Form Social Club provides an opportunity for pupils to learn to drink responsibly. The club runs two ‘bar nights’ per week (Wednesday and Saturday), provides pupils with one alcoholic drink with school tea on Friday and subsidises other social events throughout the year. During Wednesday ‘bar nights’, pupils are able to have one alcoholic drink and then another non-alcoholic drink with a meal provided, and during Saturday ‘bar nights’, pupils are able to have two drinks, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic with a meal.


The bar is staffed on a rota by senior staff members who have undertaken internal training in use of the bar and have had the rules and operating procedures explained to them. Staff Rotas for Social Club Bar nights are drawn up by the Headmaster/ Licensee and published for the following term in advance and circulated to all relevant staff.