Life in the Lower School

1st Form pupils in lessons at Kingham Hill School

The move to senior school

Senior school can be a daunting move for children: the world suddenly becomes much bigger and seems to move more quickly. At Kingham Hill therefore, we aim to guide our pupils through a phased transition into school life, helping them to settle whilst gradually introducing them to the wide range of opportunities the school has to offer.

Our aim is to provide pupils with a warm welcome to the Hill, knowing that we ourselves have all experienced being somewhere new at one time. Each pupil is part of a small tutor group of about 10-13 boys and girls. Pupils are also part of a day or boarding house. These range from between 20 and 50 pupils, and are great places to build friendships and develop team spirit.  

Mr Paul Oatridge - Head of Lower School

A friendly atmosphere

There is a friendly atmosphere in the Lower School and we encourage pupils to be kind to others, even if they aren't best friends, as this is a vital skill for life. Making others feel welcome and at home is something which Kingham Hill has been doing for decades, and we seek to ensure that no pupil gets lost, either academically or pastorally.

We also seek to develop a “have a go” attitude and encourage pupils not to be fearful of making mistakes, both in the classroom and beyond. We also encourage pupils to explore and pursue their interests, try new activities and participate in school life as widely and as fully as possible.

Preparing for the future

Finally, we are aware that pupils who join us in Lower School will probably be part of the global workforce within a decade, and so part of our role is to prepare them for life beyond the Hill wherever that might be. Pupils are increasingly required to be autonomous, collaborative, innovative and communicative in order to succeed later in life. Foresting aspirations and an inquisitive nature as well as good habits is a vital part of our mission.

I hope that this section of the website gives you a helpful insight into life in Lower School here at Kingham. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions