At Kingham Hill, we believe character matters, and therefore we take every pupils' personal development seriously. We want to see all our pupils equipped to flourish, which is why we have an 'Equipped To Flourish' (ETF) programme that enables all pupils to think through their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We want pupils to work hard, play hard, serve well and rest well and we hope that our emphasis on and promotion of wellbeing will allow pupils to see how fundamental this is to enabling every pupil to achieve their potential, in and out of the classroom.

Happy pupils will be successful, and we hope to help our pupils thrive and grow so that they can enjoy their time on the Hill as well as being able to head off confidently onto their next ventures.

We want everyone to be happy, to feel valued and to have a sense of belonging. Our Christian values underpin our caring culture, where we support individuals to be themselves and to achieve their best. We promote the attributes of kindness, empathy and honesty, as we believe character matters. Our focus on personal development and wellbeing is embodied through our values of humility, integrity, resilience and responsibility. We nurture public citizens who are curious, purposeful and intentional so that they can be lights in the world, and make a difference wherever they go.

We are a small school, with a big heart.