Catering at Kingham Hill School is provided by award winning contract caterer Thomas Franks. Led by experienced catering Manager Anna Thatcher for 9 years, the catering department consists of a dedicated, skilled team of 16.

Thomas Franks pride themselves on being an ethical catering company that seeks to push the boundaries of contract catering. From exceptional food quality, service and food nutrition, they seek to deliver excellence to each pupil and staff member they serve. Day in, day out.

Nutrition is extremely important to a pupils growth, performance and development. Thomas Franks has in-house nutritionists who work closely with the chef team to come up with nutritious menus and dishes that guide pupils towards healthier food choices. They are also on hand to educate the whole school community by providing pop-up’s, live demos and engaging talks for all ages.

Thomas Franks have stayed true to their original vision:a legacy business, family owned and run. They will always be about family – a family that includes all those with whom they work and partner with and food is at the heart of what they do best. 

Food is a vital part of our school and as such we were very proud that our team. The catering team can be contacted directly on 01608 731842 or at if you have any questions or queries.