Kingham Hill has a large and diverse chaplaincy team, comprising the Chaplain, two Assistant Chaplains, and a team of Pastoral Assistants (based in each house). Their role at the School is to ensure that pupils, with or without faith, receive the help and support they need to enjoy their time at Kingham Hill and to leave as young men and women equipped to face the world beyond The Hill. On Speech Day, at the end of their time at the School, each leaver receives a Bible - a tradition going back to the school's foundation, reflecting a desire that, in their time here, pupils have the opportunity to think about the Bible's claims and come to their own conclusions, whatever they may be.

Chapel is at the heart of the school's weekly pattern. On Sundays, boarders gather in the evening for a simple service and once a week the whole school meets for a short service to start the day where we sing and hear a passage from the Bible read and explained. Throughout the year, various major events are also celebrated in Chapel (e.g. Remembrance, Christmas, Founder's Day etc.) and pupils are very much involved whether through reading and speaking or performing in the choir. 

Chapel is not about indoctrination into a particular Christian worldview and the Chaplain works with pupils and parents where there are any conscientious concerns. For those who wish to explore the Christian faith, we provide them with the opportunity to do so; with Bible Breakfasts, Christian Union and Christian events weeks. We also partner with local churches and other schools in various ways, to serve the community and build links with the wider world

So whether your child has faith or not, Kingham Hill is the perfect place for them to grow and develop. All pupils are valued and encouraged to develop their own ideas and beliefs and to this end, the Chaplaincy team works closely with the wider leadership of the school to ensure that we are indeed providing the personal development the Founder saw as core to our own Christian vision.