The Perfect School for Military Families

Welcome to Kingham Hill

We welcome families from HM Forces and those employed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We understand that both parents and children are looking for a school that can offer them a place to learn and live, where they can put down roots and become part of a community.

The school is currently home to 58 pupils from HM Forces and FCO families, who pay no more than 10% of boarding fees, with the full CEA entitlement. Click here to view the current fees.  

Here at Kingham Hill, we have many pupils from Forces or diplomatic families who have chosen to join the School, as it provides a vibrant and friendly living environment coupled with a first class education. Our majority boarding school ensures that there is always plenty to do once the school day ends, and having a 100-acre campus guarantees that there is lots of space to roam, explore and make it a home.

With just under 350 pupils in the school, every child is nurtured, challenged and inspired to succeed; both academically and within their personal lives. Our boarding houses are spacious yet cosy, and with an average of just 25 pupils, they provide a homely atmosphere.

Kingham helps to provide continuity to the lives of military families who are required to move around so often.  Admissions entry points are available from Year 7 onward (age 11).

The Registrars at Kingham Hill School

We understand that choosing the right senior school is an important and sometimes complex decision for families. You will be supported in this by our highly experienced Admissions Team, who will be your main point of contact during the process. They are here to answer your questions, help you to navigate anything that is unfamiliar, and generally provide guidance and reassurance during the admissions journey. 

Please use the form below to get in touch with our Registrars Mrs Marshall (adjacent, left) and Mrs Cope (right).

They can also be reached by telephone on 01608 731884.

Pastoral Care

Our staff includes many ex-military personnel, who add depth to the support and nurturing of children from military families. Their experience and the family-style boarding house community at Kingham ensures a strong support system for every child.

We take particular care of children whose serving parents are deployed and we understand the additional stress that this can bring. Resident staff are always on hand to listen, guide and mentor each child to ensure their wellbeing and happiness.

The staff have done more than we could have asked and, at times, than we might have done as parents!

A Family View

We never thought we would send our children to boarding school but, after attending seven schools by the age of 13, our oldest daughter asked us if we would consider it. A Forces friend mentioned Kingham Hill School after looking at five other schools, we settled on Kingham, primarily because they understood the specific needs of Forces families and also because they were so strong pastorally.

Over the past 11 years the School has exceeded our expectations, not just in our children fulfilling their potential in every area of life, but also during the tough times. The staff have done more than we could have asked and, at times, than we might have done as parents! We have also be reassured by the way they have dealt with medical emergencies, keeping us fully informed and taking sensible and timely decisions when unable to reach us. We now have three well rounded individuals who are well prepared to face the challenges of the next stages of their lives thanks to the ethos and hard work of all at the school.

One family's view of Kingham Hill School in Oxfordshire

Rhett, father of 3 pupils who have attended Kingham Hill

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Farm club at Kingham Hill School
Octagon dinner at Kingham Hill School
The Veritas building at Kingham Hill School
The cricket picth at Kingham Hill School

Our Location

Kingham Hill is located in the heart of the Cotswolds, between Oxford, Cheltenham and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Located 5 minutes from Kingham village and train station, the School is on a direct line from London Paddington. 

We are surrounded by idyllic rolling countryside in a stunning 100 acre estate surrounded by our own woodland, where pupils have a safe place to explore and enjoy the outdoors. The views in every direction are stunning as the School is set within England's largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

I still very clearly remember the first time I visited the Hill. I was in love with it; it felt like a small village and a very friendly community.Jemma, KHS Alumna

Most of our buildings were constructed by local craftsmen during the 20 years following the foundation of the School in 1886, and are built of local Cotswold stone. At various points during the last one hundred years, facilities have been updated and added to, to ensure pupils have the best amenities to enhance their learning (view a plan of the school). This includes our new Sports Centre which was recently opened in January 2020.  In 2016 we opened the new Veritas Building for Science and Maths and our new school library. Our location is utilised to the full educationally, with our woodlands, farm and school grounds providing ample opportunities to extend learning outside the formal classroom.

In addition to our lovely historic buildings, the School has extensive playing fields and sports facilities, including cricket pavilions, tennis courts, floodlit astroturf pitches, an assault course and leisure complex, with a pool, sauna, fitness suite and dance and drama studio.

One of the highlights of the school is the farm, where pupils can care for our horses, alpacas, sheep, goats, and rabbits during their break times or after school and as part of our ever popular farm club.

Norwich House, one of Kingham Hill School's boarding houses for boys

Norwich House - Boarding house for boys

Severn House, one of Kingham Hill School's boarding and day houses for girls

Greenwich House - Boarding and Day house for girls

Boarding at Kingham Hill

Every pupil belongs to one of twelve houses that act as large, extended families. There are four day, and eight boarding houses which are beautiful, substantial homes built of Cotswold stone situated around the campus.

Bedrooms in the boarding houses range from six to eight children sharing a dorm, to single rooms for the older pupils. There is an average of 25 pupils in each house, much smaller than at many schools, which makes them feel like large family homes. Houseparents and their families live in adjoining accomodation in the house which reinforces the family feel of our unique offering. 

Boarders in the Upper Sixth year have the opportunity to board in their own independent living accommodation in readiness for adult life.

Each house has its own garden, inviting social lounges, games rooms and quiet rooms. Each pupil has houseparents and a pastoral assistant that will take care of them as they arrive and settle into the house, which ensures a smooth transition into life at the School. They will also ensure that their life outside of the classroom is happy and meaningful.

Full time boarders have activities organised for them each weekend, primarily on the Saturday. These activities are so popular that our day pupils often opt to join in with these activities also.

Tom and his father

A Pupil's View

Tom, Head of School 2019-20, explains what makes Kingham Hill special.

"When I was 11 years old our family decided that I needed to attend a boarding school. Having been to 5 primary schools in 4 countries, we agreed that I needed to have more stability in my life, especially as I didn't want to go to multiple secondary schools. As my parents and I scoured the country's boarding schools, we finally came across Kingham. Almost immediately we agreed that this was the right place for me and my sister. The fundamental reason why was because it’s pastoral care was truly second to none. The personable relationships that we could see between pupils and (in particular) Houseparents was very much in agreement with my family. Houseparents live in the house with their families; this was what my parents liked and wanted for me and my sister.

From my 7 years at Kingham, I’ve seen it grow from strength to strength, allowing me to achieve things my family or I wouldn’t have thought possible. As such, Kingham has definitely made me into the person I am today, and for which I am truly grateful."

I’ve seen it grow from strength to strength, allowing me to achieve things my family or I wouldn’t have thought possible.Tom, Upper Sixth

Kingham Hill CCF and DofE

Our Combined Cadet Force has Army and Royal Air Force sections. Both enjoy support from their parent unit. The Army section being fortunate to be affiliated to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Whilst many of the activities on offer are ‘militarily themed’ and much support is received by the Ministry of Defence, there are numerous adventure training opportunities. The emphasis is upon personal development and instilling discipline and teamwork.

The CCF is compulsory for all Year 9 pupils, during which they undertake basic training, such as: drill, command tasks, weapon training, fieldcraft, map reading and much more. After a period of combined training in the Army section, cadets may opt to stay in the Army section or move to the RAF section.

From Year 10 onwards our pupils can choose to work towards a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze or Gold Award. The nationally recognised award requires pupils to complete challenges in four areas, service, skill, physical and an expedition.   

The CCF and Duke of Edinburgh programmes are part of our extensive co-cirricular provision which support the Kingham Hill (unofficial) motto of  'work hard, play hard, serve well'.

CCF at Kingham Hill School DofE at Kingham Hill School




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