Higher Education and careers

We feel strongly that we want to support all pupils to be equipped to flourish by the time that they leave Kingham Hill. We therefore are passionate about ensuring that pupils leave us to go on to the next step that is right for them; it is our intention that all pupils, during the Sixth Form, have the resources, guidance and time to carefully investigate their future choices once they leave Kingham Hill.

For many, university remains an excellent investment in experience, skills and future employability. However, for some, the military, employment or an apprenticeship might be a better option for them. We are proud of our alumni who have gone down different paths and are thriving because they did not follow the crowd but pursued their passions and interests. And we are committed to supporting our current Sixth Formers in this decision - we will challenge pupils to ensure they are making the right decision but we do seek to support their different interests.

Having said this, we do believe that the process of writing a personal statement as well as having the school write a reference for them is a very positive one and thus we expect all pupils to create a UCAS application - one never knows when this might be needed. Applications to US colleges and other international institutions are supported alongside UCAS by the Head of Sixth Form, Directors of the US Program and other Sixth Form tutors. Many aspects of the UCAS process- such as writing a personal statement of your own strengths, interview skills and serious consideration of your own preferences, can equally help those applying for other routes. Specific career focussed sessions on CV writing and other job skills are also provided.